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At The Smith Center for the Arts, our art and music instruction is designed for children of all abilities. The children will  have equal time to be involved in structured, instructor-led activities and projects, as well as, time to explore art and music centers. These centers will focus on furthering their knowledge of the planned, structured activities and cater to the personalized interests of the students.

A large variety of art materials and mediums will be used to accompany the curriculum that focuses on art concepts, famous artists, occupations in the field, collaborative projects, holidays, art history, children’s literature and wherever else our imaginations take us!

Our music curriculum will target the elements of music, including melody, rhythm, harmony, structure/form, texture, timbre, tempo, dynamics, performing media, note recognition, instrument recognition, etc. We will include music history, famous composers and occupations in the field. Fun, interactive projects that combine art and music will be incorporated. Projects and activities will range from using high tech gadgets to recycled materials. We will begin with rhythm instruments and expand according to skill levels achieved and student interests.

We hope to do all this, and more…. while building a sense of community, showing respect to others, encouraging art/music appreciation, promoting self-expression, enriching academics, reinforcing positive behavior and providing a safe, positive environment.

“Every child is an artist.” Pablo Picasso

“The true strength in our classroom lies in the collaboration of learners, not in the knowledge of  one expert.” …..or in this case, two!

Creativity starts here!

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